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The exceptional luxury hotel in the center of Salzburg

Design, art, and lifestyle. The new Hotel Stein.

If you are familiar with Salzburg, then you are also familiar with the Stein. The legendary hotel in the center of Salzburg, known as an inn in the Middle Ages, has a long, eventful history. We are happy to present a very special hotel... a hotel that sets new standards. It is thrilling, exciting, and more than just a hotel project. It is a first-class lifestyle experience. It is a design hotel - and more. It is the "more" which makes us unique and which is evident in the attention to detail, the exclusivity, and the quality of service.

Outside view of the city hotel in Salzburg

Salzburg meets Venice.

People say that Salzburg is the Italian city north of the Alps and for good reason seeing that Italian influence in Salzburg began in the 16th century. At that time, Venetian architect Vincenzo Scamozzi was commissioned with the planning of a new city layout. In cooperation with his successor Santino Solari, the city obtained the look for which it is world-famous today. With the innovative concept Salzburg meets Venice, Hotel Stein emphasizes the connection of these two cities of culture.

Intricate and artistic. Light and inspiring.

Lighting fixtures and glass works of art by Venetian glassmaker Barovier & Toso. Exquisite materials by world-famous textile producer Rubelli. All made exclusively for Hotel Stein. Large-scale photographs by art photographer Luigi Caputo. Select artwork by Brigitte Kowanz and Axel Hütte. A harmonious aesthetic between modern art and contemporary design. It masterfully sets the stage for the historic substance of the hotel and creates luxurious, room-defining accents. Brightness, lightness, and style - the unique ambiance at Hotel Stein.

Characteristic blue design work of art by Barovier Toso in the Hotel Stein in the centre of Salzburg

Noblesse and passion.

As soon as you enter the lobby, you will notice it. An exclusive scent wafts through the entire hotel. Stylish elegance, refined forms, and magnificent details. Details such as terry cloth that you would find only on luxury yachts. Coffee pods with our own coffee brand. An assortment of natural cosmetics by cult brand Saint Charles. The uncompromising creates the exceptional. Luxury and lavish understatement. This is the Stein - it's one-of-a-kind.

If you are looking for something special and appreciate subdued but distinct elegance, you will feel right at home at Hotel Stein. Welcome to a legendary hotel that redefines lifestyle, pleasure, and hospitality.

Interior view of the Hotel Stein Lounge with stylish furniture, blue floor lamps and artfully decorated column.
Reception of the Hotel Stein
Suite hotel Salzburg centre
Relaxing loungers in the wellness and sauna area of the Hotel Stein
Stylish treatment room in the Hotel Stein in the centre of Salzburg